Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The Coming...

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

We wish President Obama well, and pray that the government and it's ministers will be favorably disposed to us, to all of Klal Yisroel, and to the nation of Israel. Like every new president, he gets his honeymoon - his chance to come in, get up to speed, start making his changes in policy, flub a few things, and for us to get a feel for where he's headed and how well he's going to do it.

There have been times when the US has been in serious trouble. National division, terrible scandals, civil unrest, external enemies, economic downturns, war. There have been times of American MISERY. The Great Depression, Vietnam, the late 70's Stagflation. Times when hope faded.

The 2000's where not one of them. The economy grew at a steady strong rate from 1994 - 2007, with a brief recession in there due to a bubble bursting and another due to 9/11. World stability was still good, with the sole exception was 9/11.

Standards of living went way up. Many people made money on real estate, upgraded their homes, extracted and spent equity. New cars became the norm. Big screen TV's a standard. From the rich to the poor, almost everyone was on the train.

As the election came along, the Republicans were recognized as having failed at governing well. They overspent, wildly so. They abandoned much of their conservative principles, losing some of their base, and their limited government principles, losing more of their base. The Democrats were energized, opposing a president who starting overstepping their traditional concerns of personal rights, and had been spewing much rhetoric that was out of step with much of the country.

So the Democrats were energized for a fight, and the Republicans ready to dump many of their people. The Democrats ran a great campaign, maximizing use of the latest methods (internet, you tube, etc). The Republicans ran an average campaign at best (I'm being generous), clearly not enough to overcome the challenges.

So the Democrats won. But along the way, before the economic troubles of our time became so clear and deep, Mr. Obama transformed from a strong candidate to The One. While the United States of America can be rightly proud at overcoming barriers of the past and selecting a son of immigrants from a formerly persecuted segment of society, things seem to have gone a little overboard.

Perhaps when Moshiach comes (may it be today!) we will again see such a celebration and outpouring of adulation. Until then, such ... worship ... of a public figure is ... worrisome. He is indeed being declared the ... savior.

One wonders if indeed we are seeing the opposite forces at work, bestowing faith that should be in G-d and directing it towards a man.


  1. It's worrisome alright, but let's all keep in mind it's not universal: it's just his most ardent supporters who feel that way. Most of the country is very happy to be through with Bush, and just cautiously optimistic -- hopeful -- about Obama. The adulation of some of his fans might be expected, since Bush was so bad in so many ways, and since we seem to have a fairly charismatic president for the first time in these young people's lives. Let's hope it doesn't get to his head. His note he placed in the Kotel said "help me guard against pride." May his prayer be answered.

  2. Ah, The One has arrived. The messiah of America and the world. Coming from a no body, to the Nasi of Esav in such a short time is for a purpose. Hang on for the ride.

  3. G-d bless you and yours.
    If bush has been bad, perhaps actually its the greater good we fail to see. Since everything is from Hashem, and only Good comes from Him.
    the worldnetdaily writes that one of the first things ob. will be removing is pro life law set forward by Bush and Reagan. Is not this really sad for a man played on slavery emotions to come up. Should not he protecting life?
    Ob. should show his birth cert.
    i dont understand the laws there. if for a driving license one needs a show of proof why not for the highest office.
    So many unanswered questions, and only the Mosiach can solve all this. As a believing gentile, we too wait for him. blessings.

  4. In his first full day as US president, Hussein Obama found time to call the arch-terrorist and Holocaust denier Abbas. And the bleeding heart leftist Jews are praising this man. And you don't think the One will cause Israel harm.

  5. my friends:
    the obomber is dangerous. a lefty wolf in 'peace and love'sheeps clothing.
    if you read you will stay abreast of his cunning.
    he is bad news with a lot of kapo jews on his staff at the ready.
    the idiot couldn't even get thru the oath of office without flubbing it.
    he's not a natural born citizen.
    his allies are all anti-israel/anti-american sleazeballs.
    the only good thing to come from him is (hopefully) a great chizuk to jewish spirituality, prayer and teshuva, 'cause we're gonna need it.

  6. I think the comment about O-bumma being some sort of secular messiah is interesting. Hashem put certain forces into the world, which can be used for good or bad. It may be that the dark side has stolen our holy forces which could have been used at this time to bring THE Messiah. Alternatively, one could see Hashem keeping a balance in the world. They get theirs, we get ours. Which will it be? Watch this space... :-)

  7. I just love hindsight!


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