Tuesday, January 02, 2007

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613 in Science?

Guest Post by Aharon Hoffman.

An interesting bit of science and Torah. The article The meaning of Tekhelet by Dr. Baruch Sterman in B'Or HaTorah quotes the following:

"J. Wouters and A. Verhecken (JSDC, vol. 107, July/August, 1991) studied the properties of different dye molecules obtained from the Murex trunculus snail (used to make tekhelet) They discovered that the tekhelet molecules (indigotim) gets its color from a strong absorbtion peak cented at exactly 613 nanometers."

So the color blue, the color of the heavenly throne, of tekhelet, is such because of the 613 nanometer absorbtion, while the midrash says that tzitizis, which has a gematria of 600 + 8 strings + 5 knots equals 613, reminds us of the commandments.

Neat. Another scientific "coinicidence" adds to our appreciation of such things.

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  1. It should not say "exactly" 613 nanometers. Absorption peaks are not at integer numbers of nanometers. But the result is very striking, even rounded to the nearest nanometer.


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