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D. No guarantee or promise is made regarding the availability or reliability of site features or content. We should be here tomorrow, G-d willing, but no promises.

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-- d. Requesting private information captured about the commentor. See the site Privacy Policy. Mystical Paths did not capture this information, therefore the information is governed by the Terms of Service of the Comment Service company (which, at the time of the last update of this notice is Please contact them. Since we maintain no such information we will be unable to provide any. Any requests by legal authorities can only be answered with that statement.


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  2. Dear Rabbi Akiva,
    The article on your daughter's service with Hiel h avir is the most positive thing I have read out of Israel in a long time. It is past time for the strongly religious communities in Isreal to understand that klal Israel chavarim, we are one people, one family. Just as those who chose to live on the far side of the Yardan, could not evade the responsibilty to serve until victory, Israel needs all of its Jewish peopleto serve until we are granted peace in our land. If Hashem could protect Daniel from the firey furnace, your daughters will receive the same protection. The fire of their conviction will spread to their sisters in arms just as Devorah strengthened the hand of Barak.

    Kol kavod,
    Zusel ben Shlomo


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