Sunday, July 15, 2018


The Nine Days

   by Reb Gutman Locks

The Nine Days


     Oy! Days of mourning are sad; yet we can elevate even these sad days. This exile was caused by Jews hating Jews without reason. We can reverse the exile by reversing its cause. Jews can love Jews without reason … without reason other than they are Jews. We can do this by even such a small thing as a friendly smile, or any helping hand. Especially if this helping hand brings the Jew you are loving closer to living a Torah based life. Not only will this help to reverse the exile; it will pick up the Jew you are helping, it will pick you up, and best of all, it will make Hashem happy, too. A really good deal!

It's a US number but that's the way to reach me here via phone.



  2. The Three Weeks are not mentioned in the Talmud.
    They were created in response to the massacres
    of the Crusaders, which occurred seven centuries
    [700 years] after the Talmud was sealed.

    According to Sephardic Halachah, there are
    no Three Weeks and no Nine Days; there is
    only the week of Tisha BeAv; and when
    Tisha BeAv is the day-after-Shabbat [Sunday],
    there is no week of Tisha BeAv,
    there is only Tisha BeAv itself.

    In our times [BeAvonotainu HaRabim],
    many Sephardim abandon their own
    Sephardic Halachah and also abandon
    their own Sephardic pronunciation,
    because it is easier to follow the

    Many Sephardim, especially those who
    attended Ashkenazic Yeshivot, do not
    know that the Three Weeks and the
    Nine Days are NOT Sephardic Halachah.

    Other Sephardim assume [incorrectly]
    that when it comes Halachah, stricter
    is always better, so they abandon the
    lenient Sephardic Halachah in favor
    of the often-stricter Ashkenazic Halachah.

    Contrary to what many Jews believe, stricter
    Halachah is NOT always better Halachah!

    Sephardic Jews REJECT Reform Judaism:


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