Sunday, July 29, 2018


Smart Guy

   by Reb Gutman Locks

Smart Guy


     He came up to me at my tefillin cart and said, "Seven years ago you saw me smoking and you yelled at me to quit. Actually, you yelled at me a few times because I didn't listen at first, but finally I listened, and I quit smoking. I haven't smoked in seven years. Not only that, but like you said, now that I quit I can't stand the smell of them.

    "Then you yelled at me to get rid of my non-Jewish girlfriend, and I listened to you. And, thank G-d, I married a wonderful Jewish girl.

     "And now, just today, I received my rabbinical ordination, so I am a rabbi. Thank you very much for changing my life."

    Smart guy…he listened to good advice and look where it took him.


  1. Reb Gutman, Shavua Tov...

    that was very good advice. you gave the young man.

    Hashem bless him and you. Amen.

    But i am just thinking, when Jewish men have non-Jewish girl friends, and some like this young man, leave them to marry a Jewish girl, (which is good for them, i guess), but how would that make that non-Jewish girl that was 'dumped' feel? Like would not she be hurt??

    Or is it that what 'out-siders' feel, not matter.

    I am not Jewish.. I follow only Hashem, and H-s Torah,
    and you could say, its not my concern, and you would be right, but as a human, i feel sad for those who have been hurt in any way, no matter who or where they are from.

    And... i feel also for dumb creatures, be they birds or beasts.

    Todah if you reply.

    Hashem bless you.

    1. The non Jewish girl should marry a non Jewish boy and that will be best for everyone. Follow the Seven Commandments of Noah and you will have a wonderful righteous life in this world and a share in the World to Come. Shalom

  2. King Solomon taught:


    (Mishlei / Proverbs, chapter 12, verse 15)

    “The Halachah Committee of the Rabbinical Council
    of America (RCA) said that Jewish Law is opposed to smoking.”
    SOURCE: The Jewish Press, 2006/07/14, page 38.

    Rabbi Avigdor Miller, tape # 846, Life and Time:
    “A yeshivah bochur who smokes cigarettes, he is
    learning and smoking cigarettes, it is a contradiction.” (exact quote)

    Rabbi Avigdor Miller, said this at one of his Thursday night lectures:
    “Any yeshivah man who smokes cigarettes is a behemah.” (exact quote)

    Rabbi BenZion Halberstam, second Rebbe of Bobov, smoked cigars.
    When his doctor told him that smoking is unhealthy, he quit smoking immediately and never smoked again.

    SOURCE: Gut Voch (paragraph titled: Will Power To Live, found in chapter 7, on page 84) by Avrohom Barash, 1998 CE, Mesorah Publications, Brooklyn, New York, ISBN 1-57819-273-9 (paperback).

    MICROBIOGRAPHY: Grand Rabbi Ben Zion Halberstam (born 1874 CE, died 1941 CE) succeeded his father as the second Rebbe of Bobov at the age of 31. He wrote a commentary on the Torah called Kedushas Tzion. He was murdered by Nazis, שמם ימח.

    Was Daniel an Orthodox Jew?

    Was Isaiah an Orthodox Jew?

    Was Ezekiel an Orthodox Jew?

    Was Jeremiah an Orthodox Jew?

    Was Ezra an Orthodox Jew?

    Was Nehemiah an Orthodox Jew?

    Was Joshua an Orthodox Jew?

    Refuting the Fans of Vashti:


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