Sunday, March 18, 2018

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He Refused

   by  Reb Gutman Locks

He Refused

     "Come put on tefillin."


     "Come, it's a good thing. You'll like it."


     "Did you ever put on tefillin before?"

     "Sure, I was in the yeshiva as a kid for 6 years."

      I reached for his hand to put the tefillin on him, but he pulled it back. Then one of the volunteers at the tefillin stand draped a tallis (prayer shawl) over his shoulders.

     I said, "Look you have a tallis on you might as well put on tefillin," and I reached out for his hand again. This time he didn't pull back.

    After he read the Shema I told him how important it was for him to direct his heart to Heaven…to talk to Hashem in his heart, especially at the Kotel, and especially when you are doing a mitzvah.

     He walked back to the Kotel and spent a long time talking to Hashem in his heart. When he returned I asked him if he had a good time doing the mitzvah.

     He said, "It was lovely."

     If we accepted first response refusals some 50% of the men we have helped would not have put on tefillin. Of course, we are not to turn them off, but we have to try whatever will work. My general rule is, we are not allowed to push, but we are allowed to pull.

     Remember, getting a Jew to fulfill the mitzvah of tefillin is not enough. We want more than the mitzvah of tefillin. We want the Jew. To do this, we have to show them how to open their hearts and talk to Hashem.


Mr. Cohen said...

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Why was Passover deleted?
Is the other holiday really the world’s oldest continually celebrated holiday, or was Passover deleted because Muslims were “offended” by the mention of a Jewish holiday


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