Sunday, February 25, 2018


Merciful Righteousness

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Merciful Righteousness


     Before the order of morning prayers one of the things we ask is for Hashem to bestow upon us forever His merciful righteousness.[i] But there seems to be a contradiction here. Mercy comes to take away judgement and instead shows compassion, forgiveness, and not what we actually deserve. Judgment, is on the other side of the scale. Judgement is accurate, fair, exactly what we deserve.

     So how can there be both mercy and judgement at the same time? When man judges, mercy and righteous judgement conflict. But when the Judge is called "The Merciful One," then even His strictest judgements are filled with mercy… or else who could survive?

[i] Ana bekoach


Anonymous said...

That's the trouble, today the world is upside down and there is mercy on the wicked in many places, thus as the Torah states, we wind up being mericful to the cruel and cruel to the kin. A logical, moral and normal mind knows the right from the wrong.

Yael 47 said...

This is quite good -zooming in on one way we know Whose we are - He is not either or but both and more - and why we are not wanting or needing any "other" as do the nations- Ein Od Milvado - there is none else -

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