Monday, April 10, 2017

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Happy & Kosher Passover–Especially to our Soldiers

A Kosher and Happy Passover to all our Jewish readers!  Especially to our soldiers, many of which are spending this Passover defending the Jews, the State of Israel and all her citizens.  This Passover, after spending the week koshering a full army base for Passover, my older son is spending Passover on base making a seder for the soldiers.  My younger son was released to join us for the seder, but will be heading right back afterwards to guard the many visitors to Hebron as they enjoy the intermediate days of Passover (Chol HaMoed).

The soldiers and their families sacrifice much to, with help from Above, keep us safe in Israel from the many who would slaughter us…just a short time before I wrote this a rocket was fired from the Sinai by ISIS, striking a tomato hothouse in southern Israel – fortunately, thank G-d, no one was hurt.

May everyone enjoy a kosher, safe, and happy Passover, and may we merit to meet in Jerusalem and bring the Korbon Pesach in the Beis HaMikdash THIS YEAR.



Neshama said...

Is that soldier your son?

A safe and kosher and sweet Pesach to you and your family!

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