Sunday, July 03, 2016


The Jewish Woman


Neshama said...

Youtube says “error 404”. Have you a better link?

Anonymous said...

poor girl your too close to her in her space she very politely inches away slightly at a certain point,she is clearly a bit uncomfortable and very non -confrontational. In the end the profound message is have babies -not that theres anything wrong with that, but being as how not all woman can it might be nice to see woman treated with decency and justice regardless of their babymaking potential. Babies are your potential nevermind if you love science or math or whatever no fufilling that potential until very recently thankyou feminism. Also another gripe-treating woman like a "treasure" is not the same as treating women with decency.

Anonymous said...

I keep getting a 404 error for this link. Any suggestions?
Or is google discriminating between iPads, iPhones and desktops?

Gutman Locks said...
copy and paste this and see if it works

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.04 is right. It is women's main role to give birth and rear children. But for a young or middle-aged woman who is physically unable to, it is very depressing to be told this - she might feel like a 'dead woman' if she absolutely yearns to conceive, but cannot. True, she can help to nurture and care for other people's children, but it is not the same as fulfilling this mitzvah or 'main duty' herself.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:03 - some or most men do not understand. They tell women their "purpose" is to have babies, never mind their mind; there is no reason they shouldn't do both. Men are taught that women are here to save them from 'sinning', as if that is all there is to life and why they were created. And when girls marry and are taught to be frivolous vs developing their minds, it's only to enable men to feel good about their selves. It is a fragile-man-centered world. A Women is the strength of man. The ideal is when both of them are harmonious in their relationship. (Shalom Bayis). The blending areas of their relationship are not the same for every couple.

Anyway that's how I see it.

Anonymous said...

The problem about women having an inferior role in Judaism was all part of the new age reformists, etc. and because of the ignorance of most of world Jewry, r'l, in regards to Torah in these times, it has become a 'fact' to ignorant and misinformed Jews, especially in this era of P.C.

Torah teaches us that men and women are equal; no superior nor inferior. Men and women have 'different' roles, that's about it! The woman, in certain respects, is on a higher level spiritually, but she has the role of being wife and mother first and foremost, but could achieve all she wishes, except stepping onto the domanin of men. His obligations are mitzvot and that is why woman is his helpmate, etc., so he can perform the mitzvot obligated for 'man'. Women have their mitzvot which are solely theirs. Why has common sense become so difficult for so-called educated people to understand? Simple - just use your common sense!

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