Monday, May 02, 2016

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Strictness of Strictness

by Reb Nati @ Mystical Paths


Sefiras Ha’Omer, the mitzvah of counting the days from Passover until Shavuot.  According to chassidic teachings, each day corresponds to an attribute on the kabbalistic chart of heavenly sefirot.  Day one is Chesed she’b’Chesed, kindness of kindness, the second day is Chesed she’b’Gevurah, kindness with strictness/awe, etc.

Today is the most narrow bridge of all, Gevurah she b'Gevurah (strictness of strictness)....but the greater the constriction of the Light, the sharper the focus of the laser beam will be, the sharper the focus of the beam the easier the Light cuts through all the klipot (husks / shells) which try to block our development.

When things seem hard, GOOD, if the Water (Torah/Life) feels hard it means that the faucet is opened up full force.

L'Chaim – to life!


Anonymous said...

To Life, L'Chaim! AMEN!

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