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The Wild Parrots of Israel

2016-03-27 Eilat Akiva Miriam Vacation 079

On a number of occasions I’ve seen these parrots (or rather parakeets) flying wild in Israel.  Near the airport there is a flock of hundreds, my son saw some in Haifa, and I caught these pictures in Eilat.

I thought they were perhaps escaped pets, though it seems they are a native bird that expanded it’s range…they like the coastal areas…more tropical, wetter, and less cold in winter.

Wikipedia - The rose-ringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri), also known as the ring-necked parakeet, is a gregarious tropical Afro-Asian parakeet species that has an extremely large range…. African rose-ringed parakeet (P. k. krameri): native to western Africa in Guinea, Senegal, and southern Mauritania, east to western Uganda and southern Sudan, Egypt.  Resident among the Nile valley, it is sometimes seen on the north coast and Sinai. The African parakeet also started to breed in Israel in the 1980s and is considered an invasive species.

They’re very cool to see when flocking, although quite nosy when nesting.  I’m not sure if they’re also taken as pets, but they seem to be doing well in Israel (Tel Aviv, Lod, Haifa, and Eilat at least).


2016-03-27 Eilat Akiva Miriam Vacation 078


Neshama said...

They like to be around Ramat Rachel, the kibbutz, up on the hill, as I was informed. I've seen them there and also saw them on Ibn Gevirol in Rehavia. Also I caught one flying through the trees in back of my apt. Must have been a trail, but we do have big tall pine trees around my area. Yes, they do produce a loud call when communicating to their mate. However, why do you call them "parakeet". I was told they were Parrots תוּכִּי. Parakeets תוּכִּי קָטָן are much much smaller, slightly larger than a canary. About Parakeets:

Unknown said...

They are quakers or monk parakeets.

Anonymous said... fail your bird identification..."Unknown"! They are Asiatic Parakeets aka Indian Ringnecks, Psittacula spp.
The Monks'"Parakeet" is actually a Conure from Latin America that has established itself in The US...There are quite a few flocks in Brooklyn NY!!

Anonymous said...

Haha I just happened to see one today for the first time in Tsfat. Now I read just happen to see it here.

Yosef from the Galil said...

Huge flocks like to pass through Nahariya annually. The sound can get quite loud, but it is not bothersome. they're sort of cute, actually.

Merryl said...

They also call Ra'anana home.

Raoul said...

Have seen them often in Herzliya, usually in flocks, and eating flowers in the trees.

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