Thursday, April 07, 2016


Poo–I don’t get it.

When my children were young, there was a character called Pooh.  A bear in a funny story, a few such toys may have found their way into our home.

Now it seems there is a character called Poo – a representation of FECES.  Fortunately my children are past this age, for when my children had feces on their feet, it was a disaster to be quickly cleaned up – not a cuteness.

I don’t get it.  (Poo slippers on sale in our local mall dollar (shekel) store – maybe they’re past time so that’s why they are in the dollar store?)



Anonymous said...

Haven't you noticed - the world went insane (think when the 90's started).

crazy smade said...

The world went insane long before the 90's.

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