Sunday, April 10, 2016

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Balloon Jew

At an Upshernish I attended some months ago was this very cute balloon display.  (An Upshernish is a 3 year old hair cutting ceremony… a Jew is compared to a tree, and like we don’t harvest fruit for the first 3 years, at 3 years we begin to train our children in mitzvot – commandments.  There is therefore a custom to not cut the hair for the first 3 years, and then to cut the hair leaving payot in a ceremonial occasion.  Customs include the haircut leaving payot – sidelocks, teaching the first letter of the Alef-Bet (hebrew alphabet) by having him lick honey off the first letter, and bringing him to cheder – religious school, to introduce him to it, with the teacher giving candies, even though he won’t be attending for another 2-3 years.)

2015-12-21 Golub Upshernish 012


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