Thursday, March 31, 2016


Things I Learned Driving Through the Negev

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

2016-03-27 Eilat Akiva Miriam Vacation 505

Long time readers of Mystical Paths will know that I have posted many pictures of beautiful, interesting, or holy sites in the Land of Israel…almost all of those in Israel’s north or in Jerusalem (with the occasional picture of Tel Aviv or the Mediterranean coast).  In something new for me, my wife and I headed south, and you can’t head south without encountering the Negev, Israel’s desert region.  G-d willing over the next few weeks I’ll share some pictures of the sites.  For today…things I learned driving through the Negev…

-- CAMEL Warning! … many many camel warnings.  Who knew camels were such a hazard?

-- TANK Warning! … besides wild camels, certain stretches seem to have wild tanks that have escaped their army bases and randomly cross the road.

-- Ostrich Warning! … was that an ostrich, yes it was…and another one…and another.  Why did the ostrich cross the road?

-- Very Winding Road! … I thought deserts were flat with the occasional sand dune.  The Negev is mountainy with major changes in elevation, winding roads going up and down the mountains.  Great views, scary drive.

-- Bird Watching. … Apparently bird watching is a major attraction in the Negev, with a number of “bird watching” stations and parks.  We even met a fellow from Spain at an observation point who was there for the birds.

-- Temperature Changes. … We went up one hill and needed jackets.  Down another and needed A/C.  Just wow.

More pictures to come!

2016-03-27 Eilat Akiva Miriam Vacation 007


Neshama said...

Which road did you take? Did you go by the route of the Dead Sea?

Akiva said...

Route 40 south from Be'er Sheva

LondonMale said...

Thanks Reb Akiva.

Shabbat Shalom

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