Thursday, February 04, 2016


Akiva’s Tech Hints & Life Hacks

by Reb Akiva

imageThe modern world with it’s intertwinned technology and complicated systems, including government and company and so forth, often leave us with challenges.  Even the techie may spend hours or days working through various problems.

As the techie in my family, I find myself searching the interwebs for hints and key info.  So when I’ve found a solution, I decided it’s important to share what I’ve learned for the next person to use.

Introducing Akiva’s Tech Hints & Life Hacks.  No promises of it being interesting, but maybe it will provide a solution or two for someone struggling through mundane but challenging issues.


Josh said...

Great idea.
I posted a comment to the Netbox article and it seemed to accept it but not posted. The Atom link at the bottom to subscribe returns a plain html page :-/
Looking forward to more posts :-)

Anonymous said...

tangentially relevant:

Tzimtzum Literalism?

Akiva said...

Very interesting, thanks Anonymous!

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