Thursday, January 21, 2016

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You Forced Me

​by Reb Gutman Locks   


     He was the only one in a fairly large group soldiers who refused to put on tefillin. He was nice about it, but he strongly refused. His buddies tried to push him. He refused. I tried. He refused. Everyone gave up on him but I went back again and again and even pulled on his arm. Finally, he said alright and I helped him to put on tefillin.

     He had a good time. He prayed for everyone and you could tell that he was enjoying himself. When I took off the tefillin I asked him, "Why did you finally agree to put on tefillin.

     He smiled and said, "You forced me!"

     He was joking. The guy was twice as big as I am. There was no way I could have forced him if he did not want to do it. But still in a way he was right.

     I learned a long time ago, you're not allowed to push, it turns them off, but you are allowed to pull, it brings them in.



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