Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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Israel Pic: Jewish Simcha (Joy)

Israel is an incredible land, the Holy Land.  Whether it’s natural views changing from beach to desert to lake to mountains, or holy places, or ancient ruins, or modern technology parks, every bit of Israel presents stunning views.  Here I share a few with you a couple of times a week (as I lug my trusty camera – recently replaced) with me as I travel around Israel.

A father dances with his son while on people’s shoulders at a Bar Mitzvah party in Kfar Chabad (Chabad Village) in central Israel.  Bar Mitzvah literally means being responsible for the commandments – meaning the young man is now of age where he is considered personally responsible for his religious obligations, actions and prohibitions.  The father is happy to celebrate that his son has reached this stage, that he’s taught him, and that the young man’s actions are now his own (religiously speaking).

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