Friday, January 15, 2016

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Israel Pic: Full Moon over Har Hotzvim Jerusalem

Israel is an incredible land, the Holy Land.  Whether it’s natural views changing from beach to desert to lake to mountains, or holy places, or ancient ruins, or modern technology parks, every bit of Israel presents stunning views.  Here I share a few with you a couple of times a week (as I lug my trusty camera – recently replaced) with me as I travel around Israel.

The Har Hotzvim industrial park in Jerusalem is a mix of Hi-Tech and Bio-Tech businesses.  The recently built office tower houses Intel, Deliotte, and the Bank of Israel.  The building in front houses Omrix – a Johnson & Johnson company that makes biopharmecuticals, and their manufacturing is in that building.  Other buildings in the park house Teva, generic drug company, Rafa, another drug company, RAD, computer equipment manufacterer, and many more.

2015-12-22 Har Hotzvim Night 006


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