Friday, January 22, 2016


Gutman's Story Goes to Hollywood

by YOUR-NAME at Mystical Paths
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annie said...

Rabbi... you know to this day im still using your comment of "Is G-D everywhere?" And you proceed to ask if He is in the world, outer space, and even hell... and as an ex christian, we never would have believed that, but of course i KNOW now that it is of a Truth... He is everywhere, always, present constantly working in our lives... never absent, never away from us... how beautiful and wonderful HaShem is to His creation... so involved even with the most minute detail... He is orchestrating.. Thank you for teaching Truth to us gentiles... noahides... may His Truth cover the globe!!! and change it for the Good and Hashem's Holy Name be lifted up forever and ever!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling your story. Appreciate it.


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