Wednesday, July 01, 2015

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Pics–Dead Sea

The Jordan Valley down by the Dead Sea is incredibly stark.  Absolutely dead desert…except for springs and farm areas that create lush spots in the midst of the lowest desert valley in the world…

At the gas station, local Arabs await with the dreaded Tourist Camels!  Get pictures on a camel, NIS 10.


That’s the Dead Sea and Jordan in the distance.  Years ago this was a closely guarded border.  Now there are tourist hotels on both sides.  Peace is kitsch.


Freshwater streams flow out of the valley walls in a few places, creating lush spots in the midst of the desert valley…


The fresh water dries out, the Dead Sea in the distance, Jordan on the other side…


But back towards the fresh spring, greener with the valley wall mountain in the distance.


The desert has a beauty all it’s own.  In the Holy Land, the Land of Israel, G-d’s gift to the Jewish people.


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