Monday, July 13, 2015

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Just a picture in Tel Aviv

I took this picture after quickly driving into a parking lot and running down the street to get to my meeting, being it took me 20 minutes to find a parking lot with space resulting in me being significantly late for my meeting.  Being far away from the meeting location, I took the picture to help me find my way back!

Tel Aviv is an extremely active growing city, with construction and congestion everywhere.  I must have passed 6 high-rise construction sites while walking a 1/2 kilometer.

And besides being an active growing city and high tech business hub, one side also faces the Mediterranean ocean – giving it an active beach and entertainment side.

But if you’re coming to Tel Aviv, leave early!  Traffic is heavy and open parking (even paid lots) is hard to find.



Neshama said...

Great picture. But that is only one reason why I don't want to live in TA. I don't like the tall tall bldgs. And I don't like the tall tall apt towers that are going up all over. Bad idea.

PS did the meeting go ok?

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