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Their Father is Jewish

Their Father is Jewish


Jeffrey R. from New York has become active in reaching out to Jews, trying to bring them to Torah and mitzvahs. He asks:

      "What do we do when the children of Jewish men and Gentile mothers think they are Jewish? Some have had Bar Mitzvah ceremonies and parties at Reform Synagogues. What do you say to these boys when you meet them at the Kotel?"


Gutman's response:

     You will do them a big favor if you tell them the truth… that the father does not determine if a child is Jewish, the mother does. Be prepared to show them in the Torah the story of Avraham and Sarah with their son Isaac, and Avraham and Hagar with their son Ishmael. It is truly unfair to let them go on thinking that they are Jews when they aren't.  

     When someone wants to covert and become a Jew, we are to push them away…time and time again…unless their father is Jewish. In such a case we are told to have mercy on their Jewish father and we are to help them right from the moment they ask. This should help guide you in your dealings with non-Jews whose father is Jewish.

     It is certainly easier to ignore the problem, but then you might find Hashem sending one of these confused non Jews to marry some Jew you know and you will say, "Oy, if only I had done what I could have to help."

     Hashem bless you to continue and to increase your good work.




Devash said...

Also, Ezra 10:2-3.

Anonymous said...

If you're going back to ancient days Jewry ie son of Sarah was Jewish, but not of Hagar, although Abraham was the father in both cases, then can it be explained why Esau (son of Rebecca) was not considered Jewish, although Jacob, his twin, was? Sorry, for the clumsy phrasing.

Gutman Locks said...

Esau was a Jew (Hebrew) who married non Jewish women so all of his descendants are not Jewish.

Anonymous said...

Not only did he marry non-Jewish women, but the worst of the worst came out of his dalliances, such as Amaleik.

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