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More on Charedi Blindfold Guy

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths … All images in this article © Yaakov Naumi/Flash90

A discussion of a photo by Yaakov Naumi.


This chassidic charedi man is wearing a partial blindfold, so he can only look down (not to trip).  He’s at the airport.

There is a holy strict Jewish custom called Shemiras Aynayim, which literally means “guarding ones eyes” – meaning one shouldn’t see things that are inappropriate.  Generally this means things like one shouldn’t go to a mixed beach or look at women while walking down the street.

A practice of Jewish mystics, a small subsect of certain chassidim practice this by literally partially blindfolding themselves whenever going out into public.

Anon 1 commented: Is it okay for me to say: Bah Humbug.
They remind me of talli banas. all bananas

Anon UK commented: he's not being violent or aggressive. But he is, by wearing this weird eye covering, indicating that ALL women have the potential to be seductresses and invite impure thoughts every time they are seen by a man - kind of insulting both sexes I feel.

Anon 3 commented: Geez he can get tempted so easily by just looking at a woman??!!  Jewish women too do not cover their faces… Yes he is like Tali bananas... not by throwing acid, but by acting like females are like temptresses waiting to make man fall in sin.

I’m always surprised at people’s reaction to such things.  Frankly, if a guy wants to walk around with a bag on this head, what do you care?  If he feels that makes him more religious or more holy, again, what do you care?  If this guy was walking around New York City or San Francisco, and the bag on his head was purple, you’d just say “well, yes, people have the freedom to be stupid or weird or whatever they consider fashionable”.

But because he says this is for a Jewish reason, and because YOU disagree with his approach to Judaism, suddenly he’s Taliban-ish?  I wonder if I wrote “he doesn’t want to look at women because he doesn’t want to break his attraction to MEN” if anyone would have dared to comment. 

He’s following HIS path to holiness.  It’s not my way, but it’s not an aberrant form of Judaism.  It is a personal choice and is affecting no one else.  So what’s wrong with that?


Anonymous said...

"His personal choice"? "Personal choice" is not not how one serves Hashem.

If this Yid's Admo"r told him to go this way, then it's kabbalas 'ol and it will help him. If his own da'as tachton decided that he will forge his own path, r"l, it won't be a path that leads to Hakadosh Baruch Hu. vda"l.

Anonymous said...

I want to buy one of those for my husband. Great idea :-)

Anonymous said...

Oy oy oy..
Jews were supposed to be ..are supposed to be a light to nations..

Oh deary me.. He is telling all to be in the dark..

Oy oy oy..

I still sY.. He is talli laly man..
No.. He is not going the way of Hashem...
But whatever..

Josh said...

"Geez he can get tempted so easily by just looking at a woman??!!"

Yes. For sure, especially the well groomed attractive ground staff. When you pull back from anything in life, even one 'taste', like a look at an attractive woman, can push you into forbidden thoughts harder than other people. Like if I take you off sugar for awhile and then give you a chocolate bar, the rush can be very strong.

Anonymous said...

Well follow that to it's logical conclusion, if he was used to seeing attractive women, he would be blasé and would not get that urgent, sudden 'rush' of desire by merely glimpsing at them. If he's normal that is.

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely an aberrant form of Judaism, if it's even Judaism at all. You can take a Jewish concept so far that it doesn't even resemble our mesorah anymore.
I appreciate that the man is trying to elevate himself spiritually. But it's a tremendous insult to all women by treating them as if all we are is potential sexual temptresses. And it's completely outside 3,000 years of normative Jewish tradition. As are the women who wear burkas.
If you're going to take a holy Jewish teaching to such an extreme, you're outside the pale.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with the last Anonymous commenter. It's taking things too far.

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