Saturday, February 07, 2015

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Yachad #IsraElex

20150205_211439Can Achdus – unity, be a political approach?  In Israel one party is coming along and giving it a try.  Do they really mean it or is it just political expediency?  That’s yet to be seen.

I attended a local political rally featuring former Shas MK and now Yachad (Together) party leader Eli Yishai and famous West Bank activist Baruch Marzel.  They’re playing off two main themes…

Yachad Theme #1 – We stand on 3 pillars… Complete Torah Values, Complete Nation of Israel Values, and Complete Land of Israel (no giving away of the Land of Israel).

Yachad Theme #2 – If you feel you disaffected or not represented as a charedi because you work, or a sephardi not accepted by ashkenazis, or an ashkenazi not accepted by sephardim, or national religious not accepted by charedim, or just sick of super-sectoral politics and Jews not standing together… Yachad is about standing together.

Yachad says they’re going to stand on the right side of Israeli politics, not support any land for peace deals, and support the Torah communities – both charedi and mizrachi.

That’s really all they have to say.  Achdus, unity, it’s a completely UNIQUE approach in Israeli politics.  Will it gather support, enough to get into the Knesset in this election?  Remains to be seen, but the message does resonate.

(Picture 1 – MK Eli Yishai, Picture 2 – Candidate Baruch Marzel)



Anonymous said...

Wishing them much Hatzlacha! The main point is the unity and its banner is Torah; this is what is important for the Jewish people and the Land of Israel. Politics is not a Jewish thing but while it is the only choice; it, at least, represents the Jew! May they succeed and be the catalyst to usher in Moshiach Tzdkeinu!

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