Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Psychedelic Drugs and Kabbalah

   by Reb Gutman Locks   


Psychedelic Drugs and Kabbalah


Jacob wants to know:

     I found your videos on YouTube to be very interesting, especially those about meditation and Yoga. Being that I am on a spiritual journey of my own, I was wondering if you could answer a simple question for me:

     What is Judaism's view of psychedelic drugs/hallucinogens? I understand that some Kabbalists won't even teach Kabbalah and say that one cannot learn Jewish mysticism if they have a history of using hallucinogens. Is that true? Why are they so damaging when they seem to offer a lot of insight into the world and spirituality. I have had the experience of literally feeling G-d in every moment and in every place while under the influence of a hallucinogen. Does that mean it wasn't real?

    I apologize for asking so many questions - you seem very intelligent and well-versed in these areas and it is hard to find answers in Orthodox Judaism about this stuff (even Aryeh Kaplan didn't talk about it).




Gutman's response:

     In the briefest answer, those drugs distort the truth and make the user feel that certainly he has experienced the truth. It can take years of hard work to sort out the facts from the fiction after taking a few acid trips. Look at my video;

Been There, Done That, Thank G-d I'm Here Now

      Kabbalah puts your head in Heaven, and it is not safe to have your head in Heaven if your feet are not on the ground.

 Be well



Jacob's response:

     Got it. I watched that video- it's a great life story. I also plan on reading your book. What, then, would you recommend to study to feel spirituality and understand it better? Gemara? Chassidut? Jewish meditation?




Gutman's response:

     To feel spirituality and understand it better study Chassidus and Jewish meditation.



Schvach said...

Reb Locks: This person with the questions should learn to daven properly. This is probably the correct vehicle for connecting with HaShem.

Anonymous said...

suggest rav aryeh kaplans seforime on jewish meditation bahir, sefer yetzirah , jewish meditation , kabbalah and meditation

LondonMale said...

No disrespect to the late Chahcham Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, but in his book on Jewish Meditation there is a passage that can suggest to meditate on the colour blue. We as Jews do not do that as it can be dangerous, blue being the colour of the heaven and the sea but not the earth.

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