Monday, December 22, 2014



Leave my office, click click click click, it’s a BOLT in my tire…  (not flat…yet – thank G-d)

Go to the tire repair shop, get parked in plus wait one hour for the simple tire repair… (didn’t have to replace the tire – thank G-d)

Go to the computer store to pick up my desktop computer that’s in repair, tested as DEAD – not worth fixing versus replacement cost… (but the hard drive is fine, so we didn’t loose any photos or music – thank G-d)

Leave the computer store, someone parked me in.  Take a deep breath, go back in the store, wait and browse.  (Had a nice chat with a sales clerk on break, thank G-d)

15 minute trip to the computer shop, 2 hours.


Message from above?  Take a deep breath, it’s all for the best.


Neshama said...

If that's you, you're lookin much better than that guy in the hosp.

Akiva said...

That's me. 25 pounds, 1 kidney stone and 1 gall stone lighter.

Sulha said...

Happy chanuka - sorry to hear you weren't well but glad you are BH better,

LondonMale said...

Well done for losing the weight, sorry to hear you were not well but sounds as if you are well on the road to recovery.

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