Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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Who Has Delivered Me

Who Has Delivered Me from Danger

 by Reb Gutman Locks

     There is a special blessing that we say when we are saved from dangerous situations. We usually hear the blessing said when someone flies across the ocean. Traveling across the ocean used to be a lot more dangerous than it is now, but still, we say the blessing thanking Hashem for allowing us a safe journey. It is usually said without much emotion.

     This was not the case yesterday when a couple of platoons of soldiers returned from the war in Gaza and took turns saying the blessing at the Kotel.

     They told stories of the dangers they survived, the miracles they saw. One soldier told how he looked down and saw that he was standing on a land mine that for some unknown reason failed to detonate even though he accidentally kicked it!

     Mixed emotions! At the same time…, we are torn because of the men we lost, and we are tremendously thankful for the ones who survived unharmed.    



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