Sunday, June 15, 2014

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Muhammad Charges:

Muslims Celebrating Their Festival


by Reb Gutman Locks


Muhammad Charges:


From: Muhammad Eid
To: gutman
Subject: Israel's Religious Legitimacy


Salaam and Shalom,

            I watched all of your videos, and I have come to realize that what you promulgate is congenial to the ideas of islam. But I wonder how your religion induces you to believe that the current Israel is HOLY Israel? Israel's policies share nothing with your beliefs; it spreads homosexuality, usury, prostitution, sex trafficking, etc.  

            I want to share with you a book; perhaps a quick read, that will open your mind to the question:

            Scroll down, and the download is free. 

Thank you


Gutman’s response:



     First to answer your question about Israel:

     One of the Koranic verses states that Allah gave the Holy Land to the sons of Israel until the Day of Judgment (Surah Al-Ma’ida, verse 21), and another (Surah Al-Shara’a, verse 59) says that the land was bequeathed to the Jews.


    As to your suggestion about Islam:

    One out of five people in the world is Muslim, and four out of five wars in the world today are Muslim (and most are Muslims fighting Muslims)!


          So, as you see; the Land belongs to the Jews, and Muslims promote war.

    First clean your own house, and then you can tell me to clean mine.



Gutman Locks




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