Thursday, June 19, 2014

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Me and My Big Mouth!

Me and My Big Mouth!


by Reb Gutman Locks


     Isaac was one of my guests on Shavuot. He told an interesting story. His cousin, who was also at the table wanted to know if he could convert a non-Jewish girl and marry her. I explained that if someone converts in order to marry, that conversion is not kosher, and the person remains a gentile. “They have to covert because they love G-d, not because they love you!”   

     Then, Isaac told this story. A friend of his told him that before he came to the yeshiva I walked up to him and yelled loudly, “What are you doing smoking at the Kotel! And what are you doing going out with a non Jewish girl! What’s the matter with you?”

     He was shocked that a complete stranger would say such a thing, and “how did he know that my girlfriend isn’t Jewish?” It bothered him so much that he broke off with the girl and went to the yeshiva to see what’s going on there.

     He had not heard from the girl for way over a year, and then just recently they met again. The girl told him that she was so impressed that his love of having to marry a Jewish girl was even greater than his love for her that she investigated Judaism, and in the meanwhile just had a kosher conversion! And now, guess what? They are planning to get married.

     Nice story, huh? Oh, and me? How did I know that the guy with the cigarette was seriously dating a non Jewish girl? Did G-d tell me? Not exactly. When I walked into the Kotel area, Shmuli said, “You see that guy over there smoking the cigarette? He’s seriously dating a non Jewish girl!”

     Well…, now that I think about it, maybe G-d did tell me, and He used Shmuli as His angel to pass the message on. And me, what about me? Oh, me, and my big mouth!



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