Sunday, June 08, 2014

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Joyful Singing

Joyful Singing

by Reb Gutman Locks


     The Levites’ singing in the Temple service atoned for the Jewish people.[i] Song is an essential part of the atonement process.

     What does this mean to us today? Even though we currently do not have the Temple for serving Hashem, still, we do have our own personal service to Hashem…and in some way all of the principles that were instituted in the Temple still apply today.

     The singing in the Temple raised the consciousness of the Jews to great spiritual heights. At the very least, their songs would bring joy. So can proper singing lift our consciousness today, and bring us joy.

     Atonement is an essential part of tshuvah (repentance). And how do we know that our repentance has been fully accepted? A good sign is if we find ourselves singing happy songs. Repentance usually begins with regret, but it always ends in joy.



[i] Yershalmi Pesachim 4:10



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