Friday, March 07, 2014

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Eye to the Infinite–The Ideal State

Excerpt from Eye to the Infinite / REVISED EDITION – by Reb Aharon Rubin…

This ideal state is that of Man in the  Garden of Eden. The reality, however, is seldom paradisal bliss. All too often, man will find himself in a state of ego, a condi­tion of “mind after sin”, the sword in full operation, a far cry from the desired mind-unity. If we are to advance spiritually, we need to be able to access our inner mind, even our Neshomoh, at will, even in such a state. The Torah was not given to Angels! If we are to harness our poten­tial, com­bine con­scious focus with the unconscious’ perception even while the ‘sword’ is in effect, then we need to find a method to cir­cum­vent the sword or dis­sipate its affect, to cause the entire mind to ‘agree’ to focus on one thing and thus 'hear' our Neshomoh speaking.

An im­portant, often overlooked, method is the use of emo­tion. Emotion is a key to the inner mind and a door to the inner chambers of the soul.[1] It is the lan­guage of the sub­con­scious and so elicits its immediate re­sponse. Aroused emotions, whatever they may be, are a nick in the CCF, the subcon­scious’ armour. Every emo­tion, mood or feeling, be it joy, bitterness, regret, longing, jeal­ousy or ex­cite­ment, is a new gate to the mind, revealing an­other facet of the soul.

Whatever the mood, allow yourself to ex­perience it in a G-dly context. You’re feeling joy? Direct that joy to G-d. Bitterness? Express that bitterness to G-d. Better still, think of the ultimate source of that bitterness, G-d’s Presence in exile. Feel the Shechinoh's bitterness as She longs for the removal of all evil from the world and the Revelation and Redemption of G-d’s Glory. Experience the emotion fully to the point where it carries and moves you until your soul, your very essence, starts to speak, to sing to G-d.

[1] “Every emotion is a key to the inner chambers of the soul.” [B’nei Machshovoh Toivoh, R. Kalony­mus Kalman Shapira ztv”l hy”d.]


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