Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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Anyone Can Do It

by Reb Gutman Locks


His parents are Russian, but he grew up in Canada. He has come to Israel to practice medicine at one of the major hospitals here. He graduated from medical school at 24 years old. He has completed all but his last year of internship which he will do here. He is ready to go to work.

     He is 26 years old. It was hard, but it was what he wanted to do. Instead of playing around throughout high school and College, he studied hard and he has accomplished his goal. G-d bless him. He is ready to help remove suffering from the world.

     You know what? Pretty much any young Jewish man or woman, who wants to, can do the same thing. If you would rather get more out of your youth than immediate pleasure, and are willing to study hard to get it, then any career is open to you. Your parents are more than willing to help, but you have to really want the goal, or it will not happen.


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