Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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What Was It?

by Reb Gutman


This is what some of you thought this is:


A steep path up a mountain?

I give up what is it?

It could be healthy skin under a microscope.

I say the photo is a close up of a Tree.

Is it the bark of the Cork Oak (Quercus suber)? Or a side of a rock formation?

A palm trees "bark"  

I think it is a close-up photo of the surface of a horseradish root--maror. Or the bark of the trunk of a tree

Perhaps a magnified view of a rock surface? Kotel stones?

The peel of a tree?

Looks like a section of a dirty tire, LOL!

I think I see root structure so it is a face of a cliff or something like that?

A segment of the Kotel?

     What can we learn from all this? When we try to figure out what something is, whether it is a picture, or an idea, we have to look at it very closely, and we also have to step back and get a broader view of it.

     And what is it? It is the trunk of a local palm tree.


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