Monday, September 02, 2013

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by Reb Gutman Locks


     This two-year old boy ran up to the Kotel to kiss it. He was showing his love for Hashem by loving what G-d tells us is holy. This is what a baal tshuva (master of return) does.

     But why is it called tshuva when a Jew becomes observant of the Torah’s precepts? Tshuva means to return. This fits fine for a Jew who was once religious, fell away, and then returned, but what about the majority of us who were never religious at all? Why should we be called “returnees”?

     Because, we are not returning to Torah observance. We are returning to the purity that was born within us. When we treasure G-d’s commandments we remember; “The soul that You have given within me is pure.”[i]

     Have a wonderful New Year, a year filled with joy, love, health, prosperity, and holiness.

[i] Early morning prayer


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