Sunday, September 22, 2013


A Palestinian Plastic Chair Dilemma

imageBefore the start of the holiday I purchased 10 additional plastic chairs for our synagogue.  I purchased a particular style we’ve used in the past, matching styles makes it easier to stack.  And the brand is about 20% cheaper than the popular local top of the line brand.

After delivering them to our synagogue, here in Israel, on Shabbos I noticed they had a new product sticker.  Looking closely I saw “Made in PS”, and web site (chaircompany).ps.  PS?  What country is PS?

NATO & Internet Country Designation – PS / PSE – Palestine or Palestine Occupied Territory.

And going to the company web site, they indeed proudly state they are a “cornerstone of Palestinian industry.”

So I just purchased 10 chairs made in “Palestine” at an Israeli hardware store for a Jewish synagogue in Israel.  There’s something very existentially weird about that.

We actually need another 6 chairs for the synagogue.

My dilemma.  Should I return the chairs… or buy more?  Or keep what I have but not buy these going forward?

- On one hand, if our murderous neighbors are busily employed and living comfortable lives then they’re probably not busy trying to kill us.

- On the other hand, if they’re economy is pumped up then they have the resources to attempt more and greater attacks.

- On one hand, a stable economy with stable taxes means they don’t feel desperate (as a society) or “held down by the man” (or the Jew in this case), having the respect of being self supporting and self sufficient.

- On the other hand, a built up industrial infrastructure develops skills and imports equipment that can be dual-purposed to terrorist and military applications.  And we have DIRECTLY seen this in Gaza as they build rockets to fire on innocent Israeli children.

- On one hand, the actual number of attempted attacks and incidents are down, and though some of this is due to effective Israeli security measures and the security wall, indeed the Palestinian Authority (in the West Ban) as well as some local sheiks (for example the one in Hebron) seem to be keeping (major) incidents down.

- On the other hand, a soldier was kidnapped and murdered 2 days ago by a West Bank Palestinian.

Return, buy more, or just avoid this brand in the future?  What would you do?


LondonMale said...

On another hand, does the hardware store sell another range of chairs?
If not, will the owner's Parnassah suffer if you do not buy chairs from him?
Is he a Jew?

On another hand, if the extra six chairs you buy do not stack, will someone break existing chairs by trying to stack together incompatable chairs?

Neshama said...

On the other hand, I would return these and look for Israeli-made chairs. So what about the decor.

Integrity over design

Anonymous said...

When you know that so-called palestinians, i.e. arabs, came from all around 75-150 years IN ORDER TO find employment and jobs due to the economic rise caused by the first, second and third alya... You'd better not buy from them and let them leave the area to other places, eather North America, Europe or the Arabic Gulf, than give them economic opportunities and rewards for being our ennemies from within. Furthermore, rav Ginzzburg says that since "sheshet yamim taavod", helping other jews to earn a living is part of spreading Shabbos observance. \
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Leah said...

Return the chairs. In other words the Seudostinian could easily make the chairs, drive home from his or her hard day at work making the chairs, stop off and do something horrible (lo aleinu) and not have an ounce of conscience and go back to his or her job bright and early the next day etc...
A question for you (and I do not mean this to be rude): How could you (or I) sit on a chair made by someone who wants our death and not squirm (and remain seated)?
Just a thought......

Christopher Darren Horn said...

Don't know if this will be posted, but here goes, LOL. Buy all you need, use them, then afterwards, return them and say "they were a pain in my ass"!

wreuvenspam said...

Sorry for the Necro-posting but lets face it: If you buy "Israeli" chairs instead, it could very well end up being the same chairs +50% markup.

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