Monday, August 05, 2013

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Vacation–Doen’t Cause a Chillul Hashem

(a writer who wishes to remain anonymous wrote…)

Having just come back from The Lakes (a vacation spot popular among observant Jews in England), I noticed certain behaviours amongst our religious cohorts that, at best, was thoughtless, and at worst, causes a Chillul HaShem (a desecration of G-d’s name). I'm not the person really to write these things and I dare say those who read your blog do not need to be told, but I feel it needs to be said and, you never know, someone who needs it might see it..

Some dos and don'ts on holiday:

  1. Do: always greet or smile nicely to passer-bys, especially in the mountains.
  2. Do: always make way for others - if walking in a group, walk in single file [especially if on a mountain-path, village-road, or side-walk].
  3. Do not: talk loudly on a mobile. Remember, you are a guest.
  4. Do not: unnecessarily draw attention to yourself. Everyone can see you are Yiddish: make a good impression!
  5. If there is a private road, with parking only for those living in the street, DO NOT park there - even for half-an-hour! It's not worth it!

Keep in mind that people at holiday spots don’t normally interact with yidden (religious Jews), therefore you are literally the image representing Torah and Hashem.  Leave a good impression behind.


josh said...

The issue is that you are talking to people about a travel culture that they only see three times a year, if at all. While non-religious people and other people that have a 'leisure lifestyle', you can argue about etiquette, but it is much harder to educate people who for them, it really might not be 'common sense'.

This past week, I was travelling in the Golan, and while I come from a more open background and have traveled a lot, I really understand that others do not and that I need to work overtime on learning zchut (like the people who were camping out near a stream but washing their dishes and kids in the water).

FWIW, teaching musar in a blog post has zero effectiveness, and you really have to do it in the community itself.

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