Friday, August 02, 2013

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Step It Up

Dance Dance Revolution is a dance pad game, meaning you “dance” to songs by tapping foot pads according to the arrow patterns shown.  It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s healthy.

However, when found in a mall or arcade, it’s also music inappropriate for a religious family.

Step It Up has taken the PC version of the game (runs on a PC or laptop, and you buy inexpensive dance pads that attach by USB) and prepared a Jewish Religious Dance Music song set for the game.  I’ve used it at home, and recently even used it as part of a Bat Mitzvah.

My family loves it, and it gives me a chance to show off my dance moves.  (A family member recently asked me if I have the family dance gene.  I said, “I can’t dance”.  She answered, “then indeed you have the family dance gene.”)

If you’re looking for a fun family activity, check out Step It Up, the Jewish family dance game for the PC…

Junior Ad

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