Monday, August 12, 2013


Spotted in Brooklyn (Jewish School Wars)


Translation – It’s Required for a Man to Teach His Son a Craft

Created by an organization that says it’s by, “mostly young Hassidic …individuals who are realizing the adverse effects of a poor education in today’s society. YAFFED is a grassroots organization led by graduates of various Hassidic and ultra-Orthodox schools…”


Neshama said...

We need that billboard over here!
Right in Kikar Shabbat.
Of course, it wouldn't remain pristine for long.

Josh said...

I wonder how that would go over in Israel. Last week, a the first Haredi hesder yeshiva opened up in the Jordan Valley. On one of the Haredi radio stations, they set up a debate (but I like the Hebrew word eemut better) between the 'rosh yeshiva' and some Haredi activist. The Haredi activist's main point was to get the yeshiva to stop using the word 'Haredi'. Even the the radio host is very pro-Haredi, he asked rhetorically if there is no trademark on the word. The activist (presumaby a respect rabbi) continued to make this demand, as well as to ask which 'gedolim' had approved (because without any gadol hador's approval, it is not Haredi).

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