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Tell a Jewish Story

via Lma’an Yishme’u

thumbWe should tell children stories from the Tanach (Torah and Prophets) and from Chazal, (our holy sages) and true stories of tzaddikim, (the righteous) and not relate bubeh maisehs, (not made up stories) as some people do. Every story should have a lesson of goodness and kedusha. (holiness) Telling a story without a purpose is not the Yiddishe (Jewish) way.  (שיחו"ק תשמ"א ח"א ע' 246, תו"מ ח"ל ע' 52)

The 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Frierdiker Rebbe relates that in the past, chassidim would first repeat stories of great chassidim and be inspired, and only later would they share stories of the Rebbeim. Today, he added, even stories of the Rebbeim do not have the same effect.

Once at yechidus the Rebbe instructed Reb Abba Pliskin to farbreng with the temimim (the chassidic studens) at 770, that quietly-spoken chossid asked what he should talk about. In reply, the Rebbe spoke of the need to repeat sippurim (stories) of chassidishe Yidden (chassidic Jews). The Rebbe emphasized that he meant stories specifically about chassidim, for when hearing sippurei tzaddikim, people can think that they are too far removed from them.

(סה"ש תרפ"ז ע' 118, היכל מנחם ח"ב ע' רכא)


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