Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Just a Random Meat Cleaver Attack

News of a random attack with a meat cleaver on a London street.  Sadly the victim just randomly was a British soldier (in uniform).  The (alleged with blood dripping from his hands and bloody weapon in hand) attacker randomly mentioned something that sounded like an Muslim religious based reason for his actions – but everyone is sure they misheard because discrimination is illegal.

“Holding a BLOODY meat cleaver in his BLOODY hand following an attack with many witnesses and captured on CCTV video monitors against a uniformed British soldier, the attacker told passers by he carried out his attack ‘because Muslims are dying daily.”


Our condolences to the family of the brutally murdered soldier.  Our further condolences to the British people for a government and culture that can’t recognize their enemies yet demonizes those who would be friends are share similar civilized values.


LondonMale said...

No one misheard. Everyone here knows it was done in the name of Islam and there have alread been retaliation attacks on mosques.

Neshama said...!


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