Monday, April 15, 2013

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Islam and War


by Reb Gutman Locks on Mystical Paths

Too Many Dislikes!

     I answered a Muslim’s comment that he left to one of my videos. My answer received so many “Dislikes” that it was automatically removed! I have never seen such a thing before...the “system” removing my comment from my own channel! His comment blamed Israel for the Israeli Arab war, accusing us of such things as apartheid, killing innocent arabs, and so on.

     My answer (that was removed), was my standard answer to such charges…

     “The problem here in Israel is not a Jewish/Arab problem. The problem is that one out of five people in the world are Muslim, yet four out of five wars in the world are Muslim! Do a Google on Islamic wars in the world today, and count them yourself.

     Why are the Muslims killing so many people all over the world? There are Muslims killings, for instance, in China, India, Kashmir, Russia, Chechnya, Thailand, France, Spain, England, America, Sudan…, besides the many wars in Arab countries…Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, and on and on. Why are these Muslims killing each other and anyone else who does not believe like they do?

      I wish they would not be the way they are.”

Was my answer correct? Here are some of the headlines from just one day’s CNN news;

     - One week death toll in Syria reaches 825

     - Egypt calls for calm after deadly christian-muslim clashes - five die

     - Bangladesh Islamists rally for blasphemy laws and death penalty for denigrating Islam

     - Talks on Iran’s nuclear program stall

     - 18 killed in attack on election tent in Iraq  

     - Deadly convoy attack in Afghanistan

     - “My brother tired to kill me for honor”

How is it that the Americans have already forgotten 9/11? I think the problem is that they do not like to think about unhappy things, and maybe, if you do not think about them, they will go away.


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