Sunday, April 21, 2013

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A Frum Yetzer Hara

via Lma’an Yishme’u

81At yechidus (private meeting with a Rebbe), the Rebbe Maharash once told the Rebbe Rashab: "The yetzer hara, though called an 'animal', can at times act slyly, and clothe itself in the guise of a straightforward, humble tzaddik, so that one really has to be clever enough to uncover its tricks. The yetzer hara manifests itself in each individual according to his nature. One person may suddenly feel a powerful desire to learn Chassidus [at a particular time], yet that desire is coming from the yetzer hara, who is trying to prevent him from davening at length, or the like."

The Rebbe Maharash concluded, "Take this as a general rule and remember it always. If something actually leads to active avoda (in refining one's middos) and is met up with opposition, then that opposition, even the noblest, is coming from the yetzer hara."

Relating this episode, the Rebbe Rashab added, "When I left that yechidus, I changed my avoda completely. Until then, I had assumed that the yetzer hara could only encourage a person to do negative things, and it is therefore necessary for one to be cautious only concerning those matters. I had never imagined that there could be a frum yetzer hara, let alone a chassidishe yetzer hara, who is there just to restrain a person from being involved in his true avoda."

(היום יום כ"ג סיון, אג"ק מהוריי"צ ח"ד ע' סז)


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