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His Father Cried

at the Western Wall with Reb Gutman Locks on Mystical Paths


     The boys are Jewish but their father is not. They are from America. The father is from Ecuador. The younger boy looks much older but he is only nine years old. While I put tefillin on the older boy, the father went to stand by the Kotel.

     I gave my usual talk to the boys, about how important it is to marry a Jewish girl, and why Jews are a people and not a religion. They were very warm and friendly. I looked over at their father and was surprised to see him crying. When he walked away from the Kotel he had to wipe his tears from his cheeks. It is unusual for a non Jew to cry at the Kotel. I wondered what was happening.

     He walked over to us and you could see how loving the family was. We spoke for a while, and then the father said that his younger son had a brain tumor. It was shocking to hear that such a healthy looking, young boy had such a serious medical problem.

     Then I understood why the father was crying. I said to the boy, “When you do a good deed, it opens a spiritual door. It is like getting credit in Heaven. What you should do is put a charity box in your room at home and everyday put a coin in it. Then, after you put the coin in the box, ask G-d to heal you. And every Friday take the coins to a poor Jewish person, put them in his hand and wish him a good Shabbos. This will make him happy. It will make you happy. And it will make G-d happy. And please G-d, He will answer your prayer and you will be healed completely.”

     They seemed to have taken the advice seriously. As they walked away I told the boy, “Send me good news. Really, I want to hear that you are alright.”

     He said that he would. G-d willing the boy will be healed. This advice is good for anything you want, not just a healing. Anytime you want something from G-d, give Him something first. Do a mitzvah and then make your request. And, you too can send me good news. 


Batya said...

refuah shleimah, but you shouldn't make such promises
we never now what G-d will decide

Anonymous said...

May Hashem grant him an immediate Refuah Shelema.

It would have helped if you got his name for those so inclined to pray for him!

Anonymous said...

I am deeply moved by the plight of this young boy.

Reb Gutman in such instances,you should get names so that we can pray for people in this unfortunate situation.

I have decided to give him a name so that I can pray for him.

Yeled Katan Ben Sarah

ילד קט בן שרה

Little boy The Son of Sarah - our Matriach.

If anyone knows his real Hebrew/Jewish name please post it.

One can only hope that those who read this article and comment will pray for this little boy and his Family.

Maurice said...

Please Hashem,

In your Infinite Mercy and Compassion heal this child.
Give Him a Refuah Shelema Immediately.

Although it is sensitive, if any one knows this boys name,

especially his Hebrew Name and his Mothers Hebrew Name,
please post them so that people can pray for him.

If the Family reads this they should write a letter to:
The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Ohel

Online at:

Email address:

You can fax directly to the Ohel at: (718) 723-4444

Telephone number: (718) 723-4545

Mailing Address:
226-20 Francis Lewis Boulevard
Cambria Heights, NY 11411

You can also send a Prayer request to:

Kupat Tzidkat Rashbi
in Tzfat-Meron for the Prayer to placed at:
The Tomb of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai, online at:

Also submit the Child's name to Tehilim Hotline online:
They will say Tehilim/Psalms for him.

Do this online at:

All the above mentioned are free of charge.

However providing Tzedakah/Charity is of Great Merit.

Be strong, people are praying for you.

Maurice said...

Also check out the following:

Free online books:
Torah Healing Wisdom
Traditional Jewish Healing
in Theory and Practice
College of TorahPractic Medicine

If you know the boys Hebrew Name
please email it to me at

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