Thursday, November 22, 2012



by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

2012-09-21 Night 001

Terror is…terrifying.  (duh)  With a whole single day of hindsight, it’s worth a bit of intellectual examination of my emotional perspective.

Over 1,200 missiles were fired at Israel over 8 days, with over 4 million people targeted.  The missiles where specifically, deliberately and EXCLUSIVELY fired at 100% civilian areas.  NOT at military bases.  NOT at industrial areas (most Israeli industry is clustered in industrial parks).  Directly and specifically at the civilians…

…and (almost) no one died (3 civilian, 2 military deaths)

- 0.4% of the missiles were effective AGAINST the Jews.

- 0.0001% of the targeted Jews were killed.

- 0.003% of the targeted Jews were injured.

- 10 times the number of Gaza Arabs were killed BY THEIR OWN missiles falling short as were Israeli Jews.

- During the war you were much more likely to be killed in a car accident than being killed by a missile or by a bombing.

…The statistics of injuries and deaths from missiles falling short directly show that these missiles can be effective in sowing death and injury.  BUT WHEN FIRED AT ISRAEL, they weren’t.

r8It remains a clear statistical fact that I was much more likely to be affected by a violent crime in the U.S. than to be injured or killed in Israel, EVEN in the middle of a missile war.

Israel is SAFER than the United States.  Occasionally terrifying, yes.  But safer, without statistical doubt.

That doesn’t make logical sense.  And it’s certainly not what you see on the news.  BUT IT IS A MEASURABLE STATISTICAL FACT.

I wonder…how can that be?


josh said...

At the very beginning of the operation, it was reported that Dimona was targeted, but then it was hushed up.

Leah said...

Thank you for this post. I am making a trip to Israel to look for a community for my family....

LondonMale said...

I believe that four civilians died, three in Kiryat Malachi plus one Bedoiun Arab.

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