Wednesday, November 21, 2012


A Little Protective Gematria

by Reb Nesanel Levi at Mystical Paths

Here is something very interesting. The sum total of the numbers of chapters of Tehillim (Psalms) in Tikun HaKlali (Rebbi Nachman of Breslev's General Spiritual Repair, a particular set of 10 Psalms in a particular order) are the words "Iron Dome" (in Hebrew "kipa barzel").
This is inclusive repair or if you will total spiritual repair given to us by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. They are the following perakim of Tehillim, verses of Psalms 16+32+ 41+ 42+ 59+ 77+ 90+ 105+ 137+ 150= 749.

Which equals 749, the sum total gematria of the words "kipa barzel" exactly!  Our Iron Dome is total Ruchniut! It is totally spiritual! For the true weapons of the Jewish people are not physical.

This is our protection! Please say them for Am Yisrael now!


Neshama said...

Reb Akiva and family, have not heard from you in a while. Did hear that rockets were aimed at Beit Shemesh!! Please blog something!

Anonymous said...

I think the correct spelling is "kipaT barzel" with a tav at the end. You need to add in anohter 400.

I like the sentiment in any case.


Aviv said...

It's kind of a mystery, like google in Gematria

Aviv said...

It's kind of a mystery like Google in Gematria and

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