Monday, September 10, 2012

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Help Us Help Them Out – 100% Tzedakah

Dear Friends:

It's been an honor and a privilege to be a part of your lives for this past year.  (The Jewish New Year starts this coming Sunday evening!)

We wish all of you, and all of Klal Yisroel, a good and sweet year, a year filled with blessings for health, parnossa (making a good full complete honorable living), children, Torah, and all the good things of this life.  And especially the ultimate good, may this year bring us the ultimate blessing, Moshiach Tzidkaynu and the Geulah Shalayma!

As the days of awe come upon us, as the King, the King of Kings, sits upon the kisay hakovod and opens the book of judgment, we are taught that three things will help us at the time of our judgment...

Teshuva - repentance, returning and reconnecting to Hashem and His Torah.
Tefillah - prayer, calling out to our G-d and our King, in the words taught to us by the sages and in our own words.
Tzedakah – charity but literally justice, giving of ourselves and our hard work to those who have less and are in need via the gifts G-d has given to us which includes an obligation to share with those less fortunate.

For those who can give, there are always those who desperately need and we can help make a difference. We can literally emulate G-d by giving with no possibility of return.

If you wish, we at Mystical Paths (under rabbinical supervision) offer you the opportunity to DIRECTLY help those in need in the Land of Israel.  DIRECT means no overhead, no advertising, no office expenses – 100% charity (minus ~3.5% credit card charges and money changing fees).  EVERY bit helps, every dollar, shekel, euro, rubel, rand… hey we’ll take any currency you’re willing to give IN ANY AMOUNT. 

And if not us, here’s other VERY WORTHY charities in Israel… Help the Hungry in Israel via Yad Eliezer
Help The Poorest in Israel via Colel Chabad or Help Terror Victims via Yad Sarah.

DIRECT ASSISTANCE – Straight from you to the needy for the High Holidays…

L'Shana Tova uMetuka - A Good and Sweet Year!!!

(Donations rabbinically supervised by Rabbi Chaim Farro and via our registered legal Israeli charity – information and registration certificate available upon request.)


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