Tuesday, September 04, 2012

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Charity Direct for Rosh Hashana

My dear special friends and readers,
The Jewish holidays are before us.  As they arrive, we all have a responsibility to help the needy, the needy of our community and the needy of Israel (who the Rambam writes are equal to the needy of our local communities).
Every year we turn to you to help us help the needy in Israel for the holy days.  We do this by offering an option to donate direct via Mystical Paths, with 100% of every donation going to the poor and needy.  100% charity with no overhead, no office expenses, no advertising expenses, no flyers, absolutely no operating costs (the only costs being credit card processing charges and currency conversion, which run ~3 1/2%).

Who are we?  We’re just a couple of chassidim and Jewish bloggers doing our part (with a registered legal Israeli charity and rabbinical supervision, details of these below).
I listened to charity ads on a religious radio station this morning…
- We could insert a series of stories of need, but unfortunately we all know too many such stories in these challenging economic times.  Our brothers and sisters are in need, we’re obligated to help – that says it all.
- We can’t promise you to pray for you for 40 days at the Western Wall with 50 Torah scholars, nor can we promise (insert Torah leader here) will dispense blessings in the merit of your donation.  We’ll personally give you our wholehearted blessings for each and every donation of any amount, in the hope that Hashem will listen to our prayers in the merit of your effort.
- WHAT WE CAN PROMISE is exactly what the Torah says – Hashem challenges you to give charity and see the results. 
But whether you see any direct personal results, the poor and needy certainly will.

So we ask you to help us help them.  Please continue to give us the privilege of being your shaliach, your messenger of goodness and kindness, to the needy in Israel.  We do this purely l’shem hamitzvah tzedakah v’chesed, purely in the name of the mitzvah of charity and kindness.  We take no salary, charge no expenses.

The Mystical Paths Yom Tov Charity campaign is rabbinically supervised by Rabbi Chaim HaKohein Farro of Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel and operates via Rabbi Nati’s legally registered Israeli charity, Yesh Ma L’asot.

EVERY donation is worthy, EVERY amount is precious and makes a difference!
Donate today (and tomorrow, and the next day…until the end of the holidays)!


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