Tuesday, August 07, 2012

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When You Help Someone Do a Mitzvah

at the Western Wall with Reb Gutman Locks on Mystical Paths


     When you help someone to put on tefillin, or to do any mitzvah, even though they receive the benefit of that mitzvah in their heavenly “bank account,” it is not necessarily going to change their lives, and make them want to do it again. In fact, rarely does just putting on tefillin, and reading a prayer (especially in a language that they do not understand), change a person.

image012     But, their lives often do change when you take the time to show them how to use their newly acquired spiritual growth by sending blessing to their loved ones. When they share with their loved ones, invariably, their hearts will open, and they will attribute the love, and joy of this experience to the mitzvah they did, and they will want to do it again. 

     I helped a Russian Jew to put on tefillin for the first time in his life. He read the prayers in Russian, but he did not really understand what they mean. He did not understand what tefillin are either. But he understood what it means when I placed his hands palms up and told him, “Malitza!” (pray) “Malitza for your family.”


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