Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Putin at the Kotel

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Western Wall, the Kotel, in the old city of Jerusalem yesterday.  Our own Reb Gutman Locks was nearby (as close as was allowed by security) and got a picture…


Yeranen Yaakov translates a conversation caught by the media and reported by Kikar Shabbat…

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Kotel last night and struck up a conversation with a Haredi Russian-speaking man there.  During the course of his visit, Putin spoke with other visitors at the site, asked many questions, and chatted at length with an ultra-Orthodox immigrant from the former Soviet Union. That conversing man who merited to have a few minutes of friendly conversation with President Putin told the President about the importance of the Kotel to the Jewish nation, about the Beit Hamikdash which was destroyed, and about Shlomo Hamelech A"H who built it. President Putin, who intently listened to him, replied, "Exactly for this reason did I come here, to pray that the Beit Hamikdash will be rebuilt. I wish for you that your prayers will be accepted." The President shook the hands of the Jew warmly and parted from him with departing wishes.

The video of that conversation is here.


yaak said...

Thanks for the link.

josh said...

good scoop. anyone pick up the note he put in the wall? Did his office 'leak' it? I need Dov's analysis on Putin's job in our geulah.

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