Thursday, May 24, 2012

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Yesod and Shmira

by Dov bar Leib at Mystical Paths

The first day of the 6 Day War was also yesod she b’yesod.  The Six Day War was all about Yesod. 

It was in the merit of his Brit Milah that was kind of forced upon him by Rav Kook and Rav Sonnenfeld by threatening to embarrass his father in front of the Kibbutz at Deganiah, that (Israeli general) Moshe Dayan took Yerushalayim on Day 3 of the 6 Day War.

Rav Kook and Rav Sonnenfeld were traveling throughout the Galil going to all the Socialist and outright Marxist Kibbutzim performing Brit Milah on the residents of the kibbutzim. They arrived at Deganiah, and the two sages immediately learned that there was a rach hanimol that needed a brit on the eighth day.  They approached the father, and the father refused to give his son a brit.  "My son is a new Jew.  He has evolved beyond such a barbaric custom," said the father. 

Apparently the two sages discovered a piece of embarrassing information about the father and threatened to expose him before the entire kibbutz.  So his father relented and gave his son a Brit.  And that son was General Moshe Dayan. 

In the merit of Brit Milah, Ya'akov inherits Yerushalayim from Yishmael at the End of Days, specifically the mitzvah of periah on one of the layers of skin which is pulled back but not removed.  It reflects a control of a certain amount of wild behavior for which Yishmael is known. 

The Hebrew word for wild is paruah.


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